Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Prediction

We have been eagerly anticipating the Super bowl in our house. We like the game, love the commercials, and we adore the food. Every year each person gets to pick a favorite snack and we get it ready. This year we are having: chicken fingers, veggie tray, taco dip and chili. The stores were jampacked with people shopping yesterday - the economy would really suffer if this game were to stop exisiting.
It is less than one hour to kickoff and here is my prediction:

It will be a good game. If the Giants don't win, it will be close.

The Giants almost beat the Patriots when they last met, and the Giants have been getting better each week since then. I know next to nothing about football but I can call them when I see them!

Knitting: I have one sleeve done on my EZ sweater and the 2nd one just started. Instead of taking pictures I'd rather knit today and get ready for the game.

Have a good week - and stay safe!

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