Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A couple of scarves in progress

Just not my own.......

Ruth and Martha have been good about taking pictures...I have a couple of FO's finished, but they still need the photo shoot. So, I give you works in progress by Martha and Ruth.

Ruth: She is knitting a scarf from Knitty called Wavy out of the yarn she hand dyed. She has a lot more done now than in this picture:

Martha: She is making Tommy a scarf. He wanted a black and white checkered one. She
is using Encore she got at Webs. Tommy told her he could have stripes around the neck.
Notice all of the ENDS sticking out that she will have to tie in. This would drive me
crazy but she's plugging along.

I have only two works in progress right now. Jaywalker socks and my blue sweater.
I actually picked up the blue sweater and knit a little on the sleeves. I will share my
pictures this week.

Have a safe week!

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