Sunday, August 10, 2008

Knitting some Fun Stuff!

I am feeling really good about my knitting projects right now. Lots of small stuff going on, as it should be for the summer. Below are the finished Crosswalker socks, made from Jitterbug yarn.
I wanted to show you how stunning the colors are on a nice dark background, so Magic volunteered his stomach. I was a little disappointed in this yarn because the colors bled
like crazy when I blocked them. The blue ran into the other colors, so they are not as
vibrant as they were on the skein. I had enough yarn, phew! I was really sweating bullets.
The legs are only 5" and made for a size 7 foot.

Notice how vibrant the yarn is that was not soaked.

My "dummy" project is coming along slow but goal is one skein a week to get it done by Christmas, and I'm probably not going to make that. It won't be the first present I've wrapped up still on the needles. This bathsheet is done on cotton chenille.

This project is tough on my fingers, especially the purl rows.

I have the mom's sweater sleeve about 1/2 done. I like making the sleeves first (and I had to have some serious consultation with Jeannine (teacher extraoridnare) before I could do too
much). Being made with Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece purchased at Pam's.

I started my Ravelympics project - gloves from Classic Style. These are knit flat, and then sewn together, I'm probably going to wish I knit them in the round. I'm using Silky Wool which I am liking a lot so far.

I started a new pair of socks with Lorna's Laces Liberty colorway. . From the TOE UP! I have wanted to do a pair of these for a long time. I finally found a starter toe I could handle on Wendy Knits website. Let's hope the heel is as "easy" as the toe. Also purchased at Pam's

My knitting corner starts out clean on Sunday and by the next Sunday, it's a mess again as I get out this and that and work on too many things at once....guess its time to go clean it up to start the new weekend.

Have a safe week.

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Mychawd said...

Girl you have A LOT of projects going! You must knit non-stop! I love the toe-up socks, I'm sure you will too.