Monday, January 26, 2009

Another FO for 2009

No pictures today. I finished up my Schaeffer Anne plain jane socks in a purply, goldy, greeny colorway (can you tell I can't find the yarn band right now?) Notice I said my socks. They feel wonderful on my feet and the colors are great. I have some superwash sock yarn with some cashmere in it that I found in my stash and cast on for a new sock. I wanted to make them toe up since I want to use all of the yarn, and don't want to run out. I jiggered around trying different toe up starts and finally did one on my own. I must have read it someplace, or its a combo of some I have read, but anyway it worked great. I just cast on a stitch every other needle and started knitting. I used the two circ method,which probably made it easier. The yarn is feeling a tad bit scratchy, as superwash can, but I thought with cashmere it would feel so much softer. Maybe it needs a good soak once finished. I am knitting the foot plain, and will pattern the leg. I have some ideas in mind for the leg, not quite sure yet.

Did quite a lot of work on mom's sweater this weekend. Need 18" body length to get to the armholes so it will be a while yet......boring!

Joe and I watched Gran Torino this weekend with Clint Eastwood. Great movie. Not a girlie ending, but good.

I made a lot of comfort food this weekend - matched the bone chilling weather here in Western New York. Saturday we had chicken & biscuits, potatoes & gravy, peas, carrots, and cranberrys. Both kids were home and it made the food taste so much better.
Sunday I made a huge pot of veggie beef soup with homemade bread. Man did the house
smell great all day.

Have a safe, warm, knitful week!

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