Sunday, January 18, 2009


Short post this week.

I finished the Elizbeth Lavold Silky Wool scarf. Pattern from Harmony Guides
laces and eyelets. I love this scarf. I loved knitting it and I loved the pattern - a nice
combination. Size 7 needle. 35 stitches across - which includes 4 stitches of seed
stitch on each side of pattern to help reduce curl.

I wish it would photograph better. Did I mention how much I loved making
this scarf?

Ruth finished Ray's first sock - in a 8 stitch pattern - knit 4, seed 4. I love
the way it looks...don't you wish you could just touch it? (hee hee hee, I will
get to someday!) Also, she is knitting up the wool from her spinning. She is
hoping the colors spread out differently when she makes something that
takes more stitches. I like the look of it.

Martha made EmmaLouise a purse.... I luv the colors.

She lined it when done.

Martha is also working on a scarf....i love the colors as well.
I guess I love everything today....

Except I don't love the fact that tomorrow's Monday and I have to work....

I told Joe today - thank god!! I have my knitting to keep me company this winter.
We have had record snows here in WNY this year....brrrrrr

Have a safe, WARM, week.

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