Sunday, January 11, 2009

Plodding Along

I have a few things to share, and to keep this from being wayyy too boring of a post, Ruth has sent some nice pictures of her stuff. This is what she worked on yesterday:

Ruth spun all her top that she turned into rolags and plied what she could. She has one partial bobbin left.

Then she got back to the epaulet jacket and knit on the e-cord edging. She says it sure is a pain, but looking pretty good. I agree with her, don't you?

She is working on a nice sock for Ray. A knit 4, seed stitch 4 pattern. The leg is quite stretchy, she said. I am going to try this pattern for Joe next. Jeannine is making a nice pair from
this pattern for her brother. Ruth got the yarn from Woolen Rabbit.

I finished Tiffany's ear flap hat. Her request - a hat with ear flaps. I used EZ's fast hat
pattern. Yarn is Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk. This is Joey's girlfriend Tiflfany, not my
Tiffany. I still need to get a picture of my Tiffany's button hat.

I have the first Shaffer Anne sock done. The yarn is soft and lovely.
This is unblocked. Size 0 needles.

My Elesbeth Lavold Silky yarn scarf is my favorite project right now. It is coming
along nicely. I really have to think when I'm doing it so it is not bus knitting.

I wish you could see the pattern better, it is very very nice.

That's about it from dullsville. Tomorrow is January 12th. Only January 12th.
I always think Jan and March are the longest months, the rest just fly by.
thank goodness for knitting!

What are you knitting or crocheting to make the time go by? Leave a comment!

Toodles, have a safe week.

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