Sunday, December 27, 2009


I was looking at my 2009 Finished Objects list and it is impressive, lots of socks, but only two sweaters. This was a challenging year for me and my knitting. Starting the new job created lots of tired nights and no knitting. I think 2010 I will work on quality things I love! I really need/want to finish mom's sweater. I am off now till January 4th, and will dig it out one day and really think about what I need to do. I started a pair of "mostly" brainless socks for Joe on Christmas Eve. I wanted something to work on during downtime at Christmas. The yarn was purchased at Rhinebeck; a merino/bamboo blend. Joe really likes the bamboo, because it wicks the moisture from his sweaty feet. I had wanted to give him more than one pair at Christmas, but oh well!
The pattern is K6, Seed 3. I think these will be shorter socks, because I only have 420 yards.

I got the Brioche book from my brother for Christmas. I was pretty excited, since it was not
supposed to be out till mid-January. This book is not for the faint of heart. But it is nicely
laid out. Lots of tutorials, stitch guides, and then patterns. It is like reading a foreign language.

Joe got me a nice Canon camera for Christmas. Yea!
We had a nice Christmas. Sandy and Destiny were here from N.C. Destiny has grown - again!
When you see the pictures, you will notice she is the tallest of the bunch, except for maybe Joey.


Destiny, Mom and Dad:

My brother Joel, and Joey (checking out Joey's Christmas gun from Santa):

My sister-in-law Vicky, who loved her "socks of kindness" socks:

Joe and Tiffany:

Tiffany and Destiny:

Joe's sister Donna, her boyfriend Jeff, and oldest daughter Mandy

Middle sister, Jeanine, who hosted Christmas dinner this year:

Little sister, Mindy, and her boyfriend Rich:

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