Sunday, January 3, 2010

Befuddled / Perplexed / Astonished ???????

So, remember way back when...I knit some fantastic Jaywalker Socks from some merino/tencel yarn that I had purchased from Ellen's half pint farm? I HAND washed the socks ONE TIME, and layed them flat to dry, and they BOTH got holes in the heels? I emailed Ellen and she sent me a whole skein of replacement yarn. In the meantime, I had decided it was a fluke occurrance, so knit up another pair of merino/tencel yarn from Ellen. I absolutely love the color way, and the socks. It as a k6, seed 3 pattern. Anyway, I have washed these socks a few times by hand,
and always lay flat to dry. Just in case, when I knit them, I reinforced the heel. Anyway, this week after I put them on, there was a fuzz ball in the heel that I pulled out. Put the socks on and got cold feel, looked down and PRESTO: another hole, right past where I knit using reinforcement. You can see the purple reinforcement yarn.

Dear blog readers, what is your opinion? What am I doing wrong? I will not be contacting Ellen again -who would believe me? I purchased more merino/tencel from her this year, and will have to make something besides socks I guess. (But a not so funny thing happened, the little tags fell away from my sock yarns, so I'm not exactly sure which is Ellen's yarn....)

I have not knit nearly as much as I wanted to while on vacation this week.
I am about 1 inch away from toe decreasing for Joe's 1st sock. I did knit a little
on the shawl, but not much.

We are just starting major construction here at our house - a new kitchen - yea,
and revamping the dining area. That will not leave much time for knitting, but it
will be worth it. Ruth asked me to take progress pictures.

Here is what we have now:

Ruth finished up a pair of Holidazed Socks by Anne Hanson in Socks that Rock
yarn. She loves this yarn a lot - I have never used it. Very nice colors!

Notice the stripes? Totally by accident she tells me!
How cool is that !

Martha made Emmalouise a pair of French Press Slippers.

Very snowy in Western NY today...brrrrrr.

Back to work tomorrow...ugh!

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Anonymous said...

That tencel yarn sucks. Don't use anymore for socks. That is what I think.