Sunday, May 2, 2010

FromTwo to FIVE

Happy May!
I love spring....the grass is sooo spring up and pop open....amazing.

Speaking of popping open...

Remember this..the Forest Canopy Shawl on the needles....

Well look how it popped open when it was blocked.

I am so in love with this shawl. I told Joe that knitters make shawls
because we like to make then, not necessarily because we
like to wear them.

Pattern: Forest Canopy Shawl
Yarn: Dream in Color Starry, color Beach Fog
Needles: Addi Turbo Lace, Size 6

It measures 67" across and 43" on the sides. It is not
crooked, its the way i have it on the line.

close up of the pattern

close up showing the silver threads - can you see me
dancing under a crystal ball with the threads sparkling...

The silk/merino socks are finished and blocked and can be
put away for colder weather. They turned out sooo sooo nice.

Reminder the pattern was K4, Seed 3.
Yarn: Silk/Merino purchased at Rhinebeck.

Very Soft and silky

Also finished is the BSJ for Tiffany's friend Megan.
Her little boy will be arriving sometime in July. I am
hoping this will fit him during the fall season. I was waiting
for buttons.

I now have FIVE finished objects for the year!

I started a pair of toe-up socks for Joe. The pattern is:

K3, Slip 1
K3 K1 thru the back loop

I have made this pattern for him before, but did not knit the
4th stitch thru the back loop. I was hoping it would make the
stitch "pop" more...we'll see. This is a nice manly pattern.

The yarn is Apple Laine yarn that I purchased from
Pam a long time ago when she was in her old shop. It is
soooooo nice. I will need one more skein and am on the
hunt for it. I have two, but want to make the socks nice
and long for Joe. He likes to wear them with his tall work

I almost started some socks for me, but decided I would get
his Christmas socks out of the way. Now I'm kind of sorry these
won't be mine... they feel incredible.

Ruth is working on some green socks that I do not have
a current picture of.

Martha sent along some prom pictures of her kids:
EmmaLouise and her boyfriend and her son Tom.
They look great don't you think!

Last weekend we celebrated mom and dad's 50th wedding

Joe's niece put their wedding picture on one of the cakes:

Mom said her only wish is that they have another 25
years together...I'll drink to that!

It was a surprise party and we had tons of fun!

have a fun week....I need to try and track down
some more Apple Laine Pie yarn.

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