Sunday, May 23, 2010

Crazy Busy

I've been crazy busy this week working on the house and don't have much
knitting news to share. (What it means when I say I've been working on the
house is that I'm running the shopvac, or have disappeared somewhere).

The yarn arrived from Apple Laine yarns on Friday and is wonderful - there
will be enough to make Joe a pair of nice long socks. I am about 3" above
the ankle on each one. I'm doing two at a time so that they come out the
same since I'm not exactly sure how much yarn I have.

Ruth and I got together at her house yesterday for a nice girlie
breakfast and a knit/chat. She is working on a 2nd blue sock and
doing some spinning.

Martha has 3 pair of mittens done and started the 4th pair, she
promises to send pictures when done.

See I was not lying when I said there was not much excitement
to share.

Have a nice week - will share pictures next week.

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