Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day and Snow?

Happy Mother's Day...and yes we had snow on the ground this morning and
flakes flying all day long. Last week we had a couple 80 degree days...

This week I worked exclusively (well almost exclusively) on Joe's sock.
I have one done 3" above the ankle and am waiting for more yarn to finish...
so I found some more needles and started the 2nd one.
Cindy from Apple Laine Pie Yarn is sending me some yarn - free!
How generous is that? She said the chocolate brown color is hard
to match so she's sending some free in case it is not what I wanted,
and said she included some varigated to match.
so the top of the leg will be!

I worked a little bit on the Elf slippers this week. They are a really
fast knit, but I ripped out the short row a few times.
Finally I found a nice you tube video demonstrating
how to do a short row with no wraps.

Here is a link to the video:

I like it. I will need to practice on small socks next. These
look giant, but will be felted.

Ruth has done a lot of spinning this week and said the yarn
turned out beautiful...can't wait to see it in person.
She has been working on a nice pair of socks, and is
almost done.

This week we had quite a scare...Abbey went missing for 30 hours.
I know there was truly divine intervention involved so she could
come home. She was found about five miles from here. Some nice
folks fed her and turned her into the pound the next day and after
many of phone calls, we tracked her down. Did not think we would
ever see her again. She crossed a lot of busy roads to get
where she ended up..She is still spending a lot of time under the
bed since she is home.....ugh!

I had a very nice mothers day so thought I would share some pictures of
my kids. The two big human kids were not very cooperative.

Martha asked me to share some pictures of the kitchen. I haven't
had much to share lately. Due to Joe's outrageous work schedule,
not much has been done in the last couple of weeks.
I think he has about given up, and I'm surprised it's taken this

Tonight he and Joey are trying to get enough done so they
can start to drywall the kitchen.

Current kitchen:

this is actually much worse than it has been...just a lot
of stuff in the way so he can work. The big red thing
is a drywall lift to hoist the drywall to the ceiling.

Have a nice fun, knitful week !!!!!!

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