Sunday, June 20, 2010


I have started a pair of socks...for me....cause I need them.
yarn is a silk/merino (my favorite blend) that I got at Rhinebeck last
year. The pattern .... after purly swirly.

72 stitches
36 stitches each needle
P1, K17, P1, K17
K1, P1, K16, K1, P1, K16

etc etc etc

just keep moving the purl stitch over. I wasn't going to do this but
ended up liking it.

the. end. of. knitting. content. for. this. post.

Ruth and Martha were together for a Sister's weekend, so neither
sent any contributions this week.

On to kitchen updates.

Cabinets arrived Friday. Joe and I unpacked the bottom cabinets
Saturday. I was totally amazed at how utterly beautiful they
are (my opinion only, of course). This wall now has a long cabinet
before it was just blank space.

couple of cabinets just hanging out.

close up of beauty:

did I mention that after six months, we now have lights in the
kitchen area? No more making coffee with a flashlight.
that blue color is weird... believe it or not, same blue as
up above on the whole wall....

Kitty likes the new floor.....(well, really, kitty likes
any place where I am...he is my biggest fan).

Joe keeps telling me there is still sooooo much to do, but now we can
actually see what we've done each week.

Happy Summer dear blog readers....until next week...

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martha said...

beeeeuuutiful cabinets. Congratulations. Martha