Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wanted: Man with Thin Ankles

OR, Woman Who Likes Manly Socks!

UGH x 100,000,000

Well, I had Joe try on his Christmas socks this week and OMG,
they go on tight, and he could hardly get them off. He kept saying
what kind of yarn did you use, but I know the is because
I knit them toe up. The gusset around the heel has no give.

Seriously, I could cry. Five weeks of knitting down the tubes.
It's June, and now I have NO Christmas knitting done.

What to do?

I'm thinking of ripping them out and starting from the top down.
But seriously all that work - I can just give them to someone with
thin ankles, who does not mind brown. The yarn is soooo
fabulous - Apple Pie yarn.

Any takers?

I finished up the Leafy Notch Clutch from Knit 24/7 by
Veronik Avery. I really like it. As a reminder I used
stash yarn .

I decided to knit a few less stitches
(read between the lines...I misread the directions and did not
do an increase row, but luckily my number was still divisible
by eight).

That said, it was easier to do a garter stitch strap than continue
on with the pattern as directions called for.

You would be proud of me - I had to do some serious math to get
the numbers to come out right with the less stitches. LOL

Jeannine suggested I put a liner in the bag, and volunteered
to sew one in for me. I think I have some panda silk that would
work really nice though. I'll see how much time I have.

I am starting a stealth project that requires some thinking, and also
some BRAINLESS socks (that are not pictured) .

Martha made a fabulous felted laptop bag for EmmaLouise,
who just graduated and is heading off to Ithaca college to study

check out the liner:

This week Joe finished up painting, and we worked hard to get
the floor ready for tile today.

The kids pitched in and time...yea!

Ready for tile:

Picture of dining room wall - soft yellow - this picture
is not really a good representation of the nice color:

Picture of tile on the floor - the white things are the little
1/8" spacers. Tomorrow we get grout...

Joey's friend Larry, came and did this for us. He worked
for a tile company for a while....thanks, Larry.
Joe was going to do it but I feared his body could not take it
and after putting the cement board down yesterday, I think
he thought so too....

I told Larry, I never thought I'd ever have
anything so nice. I really do appreciate the small

Have a nice summery week, dear blog readers!

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