Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ah, Summer

Ah, summer is finally here....though this weekend was a little weird.
Tons and tons of rain - we estimate at least 2 inches here since Saturday.
At least that is how much the pool went up.

I finished Joe's brown Apple Laine Pie Socks. Cindy from Apple Laine sent
me some yarn to finish up. I had purchased the original two skeins from
Pam at Spirit Works and should have bought three. While I was waiting for
the yarn to arrive, I started the 2nd sock. It was kind of fun to have
both of them done at the same time.

She was kind enough to send some varigated yarn also. There was not
enough for both socks so I finished the tops in two different colors,
and in different lengths - which looks interesting - I like it.

These socks were toe up - which makes the foot park look longer
than it really is.

My finger is marking where the different brown started....
you cannot even tell unless looking really close up.

I started the Leafy Knot Clutch from 24/7 Projects Book. It looked
fun and quick. Now the pattern really should be done in plain yarn,
but I had this yarn in my stash - bought it from Pam at the old shop.
It's a cotton / viscose blend.

It will be cute, even though the pattern will not show as
well as it would in plain yarn....and I am having a love affair
knitting lace so all is good.

Check out these mittens Martha made for her daughter's friends
for graduation gifts.

Arent' they fun...and what a lot of work!!!!

I sure hope those kids treasure them...I sure would.

Other stuff:

Dave came and finished the drywall - this has been over the
last couple of weeks. This was a side job for him so he didn't come
every day.....slow progress!

He sprayed some wet muddy drywall gunk on the dining room
ceiling to give it a little textured looks.

This is what it looked like when he was done, but before
we painted - very rough - now it looks GREAT.

Today is Joe's birthday, and Wednesday was mom's so we
had a little party today. Joe worked his butt off piming all
three rooms --ceilings and walls so it would be done for today.
He even got one coat of paint on the dining room ceiling
and the dining room walls painted. You can see a nice
yellow wall in the background.

Hopefully things will move along now....Yea

Have a nice week dear blog readers.....

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