Sunday, October 24, 2010

So Much To Tell !

Whew! A lot to talk about today.

I finished up three hats for the sailor project. I feel bad because as of right now
they only have 100 and need 278 but she hopes more arrive this week. My three
are not in the 100 count - they should arrive in CA by Wed.

The two brown hats are K2P2 Rib, and the gray hat is Canadian Winter Hat
by Sally Melville.
I really like how it came out, but the K1P1 back and forth
was hard on my hands.

Ruth, Martha and I had a wonderful time at Rhinebeck. We arrived on
Friday in Kingston where our motel was. We drove to Rhinebeck and
poked around in the little shops. Some cute shops, but most sold the
same things, scarves, soap and purses.
We drove back to Kingston and after relaxing a while and settling in,
we headed for an Indian cuisine restaurant. It was really good - we each
got something different and shared. We were pooped Fri so got a good
nights sleep and headed to Rhinebeck in the morning. This year we
were not allowed to get in early and let me tell you it was COLD.
I have been reading other blogs with ladies talking about the nice weather
but none of them look cold! They must have gone on Sunday. It was
really the wind. Martha and Ruth both bought hats and I kept my hood on
the whole time we were outside. No pictures of Martha since she was
operating the camera.

This is a sand sculpture that was behind the food tents:

Martha's treasures:

the sheep pictures and the fleece are hers as well - the hotel was not
that nice that they supplied such luxuries!

Ruth's treasures:

My treasures:

Saturday night we went to a very nice French Restaurant in Kingston -
kick a** food! We were sooo pooped Saturday night. Sunday up early
to a nice breakfast and head home. Martha went back and took a spinning
class on Sunday.

Some ladies were walking around with beautiful sweaters, hats, cowls on.
next year I should be more prepared with something wonderful to wear.
(Notice I said next year.....I can always hope!)

Here is a little oil lamp I got along with two more mugs similar to last year.
I like the lamp, but the smell in the house is not very appealing.

Here are my wool treasures at home. I attempted to wind them today.
One if them is all mucked up and I'm taking a break. Getting them into
balls should not be so much work.

I am cruisuing down the foot of Joe's 2nd sock, pictures next week.

And the most exciting news:
ta da

meet Mickey! one and 3/4 lbs of pure fluff. He is a rescue kitty who we
think is about 5 weeks old.

Abbey is feeling a little jealous but I'm giving her lots of hugs as always.

Have a good week dear blog readers.......

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