Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mish Mash

A Mish mash post

I finished up the Textured Tam hat from the 60 Quick Knits

Ravelers have said that the

hat was small so i added two repeats of rows 8-12 to make it
a little larger. Pictures w/a model next week. I'm really glad
I added the extra rows..made a very nice difference. Yarn
is Shelter, by Brooklyn Tweed. Size 7 Addi needles.

I am almost done with some matching mittens....

We have been getting ready for fall...Her is a HUGE batch
of sauce we made and froze from veggies from our garden.
Makes wonderful goulash in the winter.

a triple batch of salsa from the garden also.

Joe and I went away last weekend to Oneida Lake in
central NY. Here are a few pictures. Thankfully, the
weather cooperated.

Ruth's grand-nephew is wearing a sweater she made for
him a while ago. Check out how totally adorable this is:

(the baby is quite cute also!)

Martha has been working hard for a couple of weeks
on a blanket and sweater for her new grandniece:

Her own words:
The blanket was my pattern, sure wish I had those
blocking wires. I
tried to use up the rest of Emma's sweater yarn.
After I had it finished I found 1/2 a ball left, sigh.
I rationalized it as only
about an inch worth of knitting
because the blanket was so big. I
hope the final blocked
blanket will be about 4'x4'. I will let you

The sweater is from left over sock yarn. I used lots
of left overs
and the green and pink are of the same
wool, and the rest is
cotton/wool blens sock yarn.
I used the Scrappy Socky Stripey Cardigan Pattern
which was free on Ravelry and I copied it off the

website of fpea
I had never heard of
It has bsj look but easier and using up the sock
yarn, read
spend no money on yarn, appealed to me.
I got several almost finished reviews that is was
beautiful and no too funky for a baby. (not blue
or pink,
she'll be a cool chick). Now I have to block these out.

This week, Martha was also working on baby items - her words:

Here is the doggie. I have started the blanket and hope
it will be about 16-18 inches across. We shall see how far the yarn
goes. Maybe I will add some other contrasting color from my stash.
This doggie pattern is called Rover by Jennie Eveleigh Lamond printed
my 2009 Twist This pattern is cute as the dickens, but
pretty labor intensive and a lot of small parts to keep track of. I
added the "collar" as his neck was too small. I would cast on the
body with much larger needles in the future to create a bigger neck
opening and more support. As it is he will have the snoopy neck,
remeniscent of Todd and snoopy. I am glad to be bringing up the rear
on this project, and I did use a lot of sock yarn on the doggie and

Soooo cute.

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