Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Itch to Start a Sock

I was telling Ruth this week, the KAL sock is a Ruth sock
- she likes lots of detail and fun / different construction.
I told her that I was itching to start a plain, simple, ordinary
sock, and she totally understood. I look to socks to be small,
quick, and brainless. If I want to use my brain, I like shawls
or lace - I really love lace.

Thus the picture with not much more progress than last week
for me. The gold is a sock I started today. Toe up. Yarn from
Rhinebeck. One of my goals this year is to use Rhinebeck every
other yarn...otherwise...what's the point of going?

The gold yarn is called Shelridge Farm, Soft Touch
Ultra. The ball band calls for size 3 needles, but
I'm using 2 and it is working out nicely.

My kids are not thrilled with the gold color, but I love
it. I guess I get sick of the purply/blues after a while
and need a little break.

Oh, and it is very soft.

My scarf is done, and I have an embarrassing story.
The yarn is lace....Lace Lux. Very nice and very soft
and very vibrant colors. I wanted to do the colors
length wise - I had a vision. So, I picked a number out
of the air and picked 800 stitches, cast on and started.
I carefully weighed the skeins after every 2 rows so I would
be sure to have enough red left to finish, and I made it.

Talking to Joey yesterday, as I'm binding off I say to Joey.
I wonder how long this is going to be. I cast on 800 stitches
and hope its long enough but not to long.

He said "mom, why don't you take 10 stitches and measure
them and see how long they are and we can figure out how
long the whole thing will be.
My non-knitting son was telling me to CHECK GAUGE.

DUH ON ME - I'm so ashamed. I should have done
that from the very start and I would have known that
500 stitches would have been plenty.

The picture above is with the scarf doubled.

I do love it though...a LOT.

Ruth and Martha are doing a wonderful job on
the KAL. Martha is done with both socks, and Ruth
with one. (final clue came out today, so pic next week).

She finished up her pattern from Book of Socks:

Martha: KAL

This is the "other" sock Martha is doing.
see...they are doing other socks too...LOL

I guess we are all sock girls....I remember when we
first started so many years ago....Ruth told me she
would go with me if she could learn how to do socks
on teeny tiny needles.....and now that is her project
of choice. There is just something so comforting
about having a pair going.....I bet you get it don't you
blog readers?

This weekend,I cooked up a storm.
Saturday: pulled pork and mac salad and brownies.
Sunday: stuffed chicken breast (a first for me )
and Italian Wedding soup for Tuesday......

I like cooking new things....and I like that my family
will eat it....thanks guys!

Abbey thinks the food must have been good or she
would have got more in her dish....

Winter arrived today for a couple of days anyway.
I'm going to go knit on a sock...can u guess which

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