Sunday, March 18, 2012


Welcome Spring 2012

We are having May weather this week - bring it on!

It was 70 here yesterday, but I still wore the gold socks
for a while...just because - NICE!

Finished up Wingspan this week, and blocked it yesterday.

Jawolle Yarn
Size 3 needle
8 wings

I really liked this pattern. I could have knit a couple more
wings, but I like the size.

This week I started a pair of socks for my friend Betty. I
made her a pair a couple years ago and she talks about them
all of the time.

Pattern: Dad's Easy Cable Socks, from Socks Socks Socks book.
The pattern calls for thicker yarn and not many stitches, but I
adapted it to smaller needles and yarn. I am using size 1 needles,
and 72 stitches.

It is an easy pattern to memorize. Eight row pattern, and only have
to think on two rows.

Yarn is Ultra Alpaca Fine, which is totally soft. It is very splitty
Ruth and Martha are knitting the same socks this week!

Ruth used Knit Picks Gloss yarn. The pattern is Child's first sock.

Martha used Heritage sock yarn for her's.

In other news:

Ruth is visiting her granddaughter, Moriya in Oaklahoma this weekend.
What a cutie!

They painted pottery today:

Notice those sparkly blue nails! So fashionable.

Happy knitting blog readers...I have to go take a walk!

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