Monday, March 5, 2012

Workin it

A very uninspiring post today. I am about 1/2 done
with the leg in the gold sock from last post. I really did
not work on it much this week. I am also starting Wing
#6 of Wingspan, also from last post. I am trying to get
these two projects done before my surgery on March 30th.
Yep, I'm having carpultunnel surgery. I'm starting to
get anxious about knitting. I know I will be out of
commission for a while (knit wise that is).

Martha came up with a fabulous idea that she, Ruth and
I should knit surprise shawlettes for each other for
Rhinebeck. We have to use stash yarn. How fun!

I am knitting for Martha and Ruth is knitting for me and
Martha is knitting for Ruth. This weekend I found the
pattern and some really special yarn from stash so I am
set to go. I am not starting mine until after surgery, in
case my gauge changes, etc. Who knows maybe by
then some new even better pattern will appear.

Ruth made our Rhinebeck reservations for us and we
realized that it is a weekend later this year....


I will have pictures to share next week.

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