Sunday, March 25, 2012

Post 245

for lack of a better title.....

I turned the heel on the blue socks today....not much
knitting this week.
I hope to get a lot done this week - surgery Friday...not sure how
long I will be out of commission.

Ruth finished up her red socks and they are soooo nice!

Martha is also doing socks....

This is the same pattern as Ruth's red socks above:

Started as mock wave cable socks by Ann Budd in Favorite socks,
but she modified the pattern using YO instead of M1 and adding a
few stitches to make it work for her foot.

63 stitches ... god those girls have skinny legs...I am so jealous!

The kids were getting along today....

which is always a plus!

No blog post next week, but hopefully, in two weeks, Ruth
and Martha will be able to share their projects. Both are really
involved in socks right now! Yea!

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