Sunday, April 22, 2012

Here we are...back to Winter it seems.....

Blogger changed its look so bare with me while I experiment with my look.....

It's been a month since I last posted to the blog....does not seem that long ago.
Hand surgery went well, still a lot of pain and numbness, but not all the time...
making progress.  My computer is messed up so I cannot share pictures.  I
have knit a little on large needles. Made a cowl which is nice. But yellow.
If you can wear yellow let me know and I'll send to you. 

Ruth and I had a nice adventure a week or so ago. We went to Ithaca so she
could take some fleeces to get washed at the Finger Lakes Fiber Mill.
Cute little one person operation in a big barn.  We found a little yarn
shop in Ithaca that was having a sale (we giggled like school girls when
we found it....) and then drove on to Schaefer Yarn.  What a nice little
operation that is. They have a tiny little outlet store in their house.  Ruth
and I both got some terrific deals.  I got some Schaefer Elaine, which is
a bulky thick/thin yarn.  Colors are fab...but I really don't like thick/thin
yarn. I made a shawl, then ripped it out and started a BORING
K2 P2 rib scarf. It looks really nice.

Blue sock from last post - ripped it out. It was going to be too tight
in the leg.I will start over in a size 2 needle for the leg. I tried to
knit socks but too painful just yet.

I really wish I could show you my pictures. Thank goodness I was able to
get Ruth and Martha's pictures.....

 This is my latest sock. It a simple pattern. K3, P1 all the way. Yarn is ON lite with aloe vera and jojoba. Color is flower. Nice basic sock yarn.

 Very fun!!!

 Here is my latest sock. This is a Blattwerk sock
pattern by Stephanie van der Linden made out of Koigu KPPPM wool.
Merino 100%. the heel, as you know, has been changed from the pattern
one. I knitted the heel from the Sock Knitter's Handbook, pg. 58-59
Strong Heel. As you know I liked that heel allot, only decreases and
no short heels. I also used the toe technique called the Turkish toe,
which I followed from the instructions from the blog FluffyKnitterDeb.
From 2/3/2009. I liked the instructions, procedure and look. I
highly recommend both heel and toe. 

 Very nice!!!!

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