Sunday, April 29, 2012

Just another manic Sunday

Lots happening here at Knitatation this week, just not a lot of knitting!
Joe is working hard to get our family room done. He worked like
a dog getting the tile in this week, and carpet came on Friday. After
having NO carpet in that room for 2 years, it is a real treat.

I did knit a little on the scarf I mentioned last week. I still cannot add
pictures...ugh x 100000000000000
My hand has been quite sore the last couple of days, so that is why
I have not done much knitting.....

Here is the sock Ruth just made for her granddaughter:

Ruth's description:
 It fits nicely. The after thought heel was very interesting. No short rows!!
Pattern is Crystal In the latest Knitty by Lynn DT hershberger. Yarn is Cascade Heritage sock yarn. Super wash merino and nylon. Nice vibrant colors for an almost 12 year old. Oops it's upside down.

I think it is adorable!!!!!!Love the colors!!!!

Martha finished up her 2nd sock mentioned in last week's post.

Grilling barbque chicken for dinner....YUMM

I am hoping these blog posts can get more exciting as my hand feels better.

Have a nice week....

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