Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bring it on.................

i did not knit as much as I would have liked to this weekend. I'm trying
to move more and sit less.....especially since I sit 8-10 hours a day
at my job.....

Stephen West's new mystery shawl pattern came out Friday.
Wow, what an explosion of color is happening!
I have five wedges done (one is hiding) and need 32 complete for this clue.
It is really fun...some folks are already done....:check out the color combos here:
There are a lot of short rows in this shawl. Three per wedge.  Someone on the
group page said she used a German Short Row technique, and tons of people
are using that now, including me.  NO picking up stitches... LOVE it!
Here is a link to the youtube tutorial:

I have about 8 more rows of  Wendy's current clue to go before I'm done...she
has one more clue coming out on Tuesday:

I am having a lot of fun knitting this also. I'm not doing extra repeats because I'm
not sure I have enough yarn.  This shawlette has been an awesome project.
I think its the pattern, and the yarn combo.

Martha is doing the shawl, but has extra repeats in hers.
one extra repeat on clue C and two extra on clue D.She used up the extra beads
randomly on the end of the shawl too.  Nice!!!!

 See how hers is much longer than mine.
I love the color.
Ruth is continuing to work on her baby sweater that she started last week:

I think it's so cute and love the color!

She also started a sock, but I have no details yet.

It's been so hot here, but I'm loving it.  So sick of the normal summery food so
I decided to do a little experimenting this weekend.

Saturday, made pizza on the gas grill. I make my crust from scratch.
Joe got the grill ready and Joey did the cooking.  He also made a white
pizza with garlic, oil, tomatoes, and cheese..yum

Both were really good.  An no stove on in the house....

You cook one side, turn it over, and add the toppings....
Red sauce, with cheese and pepperoni
White pizza. The crust needs to be really thin in order to cook properly.

Today, we experimented with Shiskabobs....I know they are not really
unique, but they are for us.

I'm thinking brownie sundae in a cup to top it all off.....

Enjoy the week. I hope you are getting skirted all around us today,
all we got were a few sprinkles this morning....

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