Sunday, July 1, 2012

The shawlettes continue

 Clue 5 of the Through the Loops Mystery Shawl came out this
week, and thankfully it was only 6 rows. I was stressing I would
not have enough yarn.  I loved making this, and loved the
Malabrio Lace. I used size 5 needle, and bound off on size 7.
 There are a lot of nice shawls that were complete, check out TTL
 Mine seems a little smaller than most. Some ladies did the long version,
I was ready to be done, and did not have enough yarn anyway.
 It will be fun to wear when the weather is cooler.

The 2nd clue of WendyKnits Summer  Solstice came out this week.  So far
only 18 rows.  I bet this week will be a huge clue.
 I am really liking the Skein yarn. I'm using size 6 needle.

Martha was done with clue one and ripped it out. She was using the
nupps version, but decided to use just beads. (no pic yet). Ruth has not
started hers yet.

Ruth is busy finishing up her Middy sweater from the new Knitty.

Using Lion Brand Martha Stewart Crafts Extra Soft yarn. Wool and acrylic.
Getting close to be done!  She is having fun!

I am having so much fun knitting these shawlettes, that I signed up for yet
another mystery shawl. This one starts mid-July. Stephen West...I love all
of his patterns, but have  knit 0 so far. I thought even if I did not do the
knit a long, at least I got the pattern at a discount!

I have some really cool colors picked soon.

This weekend was all about the fun for me, including my knitting.
Lots of family and friends and giggles...oh the giggles.......

Have a fun, week!

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