Sunday, February 10, 2013

I'm a little embarrassed to say

I'm not sick of Winter yet.  I really think its because I'm a knitter.
We got approx. 14" of snow Fri/Sat, but today was so beautiful out.

Today I finished up the 2nd pinky sock.
Lorna's Laces

Size 2 needle
Toe up pattern. Plain foot / k6P2 leg
9" leg

I like that you can knit from the toe up till you run out of yarn. I stopped a little
bit before it was gone incase the 2nd skein was short.
I liked this simple heel....

Also worked a little bit on the 2nd mystery sock.  I mucked up and had to tink
back a few rows so not much progress to show.

Ruth finished up her  Tomten.

She made it from mismatched yarn.
Spirit trail fibers, Madeline Tosh, Opal sock and something from Etsy.
I think it is soooooo cute.  Lucky baby!

Martha is working on her 2nd Mystery sock...she is zooming down the foot.

I usually take tons of Mickey pictures, example below -  he is hanging
upside down on the couch trying to torture Abbey:

but today I have a lot of Abbey pictures....
she loves the outside and the snow and likes to hang out there.

 Joe snowblows a path for her to get out back to do her "business".

The boys loved being outside too.  They are getting ready for the
big Holley Squirrel Slam next weekend.

I guess that's it for news from here....I need to start something brainless before
Monday hits....

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