Sunday, March 24, 2013

More of the same

More of the same knitting this week...
Sweater is coming along nicely.

Finished up 1st sleeve, and have a good start on the 2nd.
I like that the sleeves are brainless knittng.
I am not looking forward to picking up around the collar.

Also did the 2nd sock short row heel.  I followed Wendy Johnson's
very detailed instructions and it came out better. A good blocking
will make it look even nicer, I think.

Here is Martha's  baby kimono sweater. She used left over
 toufootsie yarn, and Garter stitch Baby Kimono pattern by
Joji Locatelli. It was a free pattern on Ravalry, but she adjusted it
by using stocking knit stitch instead. Wasn't sure if she had
enough yarn to do garter stitch since  it uses a lot of yarn. There was
 no weight amount listed on the pattern so she wanted to conserve the
 yarn somewhat. Onto the next baby the little hat also.
Such a sweet little set.

Ruth is almost done with her 2nd Monkey sock. She is using Miss Bab's
wool.  I really love the color/pattern combo for these socks.

The kids went out last night to a friend's birthday party.
The picture was Joey's idea, and he told me this was my one and only
picture for Easter and Mother's Day.   LOLOLOLOL

Have a nice week, dear knitters.

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