Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring !

This weekend feels like Spring !!!! So wonderfully nice out!

I started the Trail Jacket sweater last week and on Wednesday, ripped
the whole thing.  I didn't like the button hole, and it was easier to rip than
tink back.
I finally found a buttonhole I liked in Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques.
Jeannine (teacher) spent a lot of time with us during more than one class going
over buttonholes, and now I see the importance.

It is worked over two rows.
I am this far, about to the boobs.

I have tried it on 2x, and it is just a teeny weeny snug. But, I am trusting my
gauge swatch.....knitting I am 4.5 stitches to the inch, and once I washed the
swatch it was 4 stitches to the inch.  It will be just fine.

I am hoping the yarn itself does not look to "Walmart".  I really want it to
look like a Macy's sweater. I guess I will settle for something inbetween...

Here is the true color, picture taken outside.  This is a Jeannine color.
Joe hates it. Tiffany said she does not dislike it. I have so many blue
sweaters, I thought I was ready for a change.  I think it will need some
snazzy buttons to make it look young. I am thinking I will wear
it to Rhinebeck if it turns out nice.

Ruth and Martha are both so much better at finishing than I am, and it shows in their
final products.

I am only this far on the 2nd sock. The sweater is keeping my interest.

Martha finished up her socks this week, and sent me a text picture, but not one to
my email. They turned out really fun and cute!

Check out Ruth's sweater. I am so in love with this.  It is very interesting. Makes
mine look soo soo plain...well, it is plain... LOLOL

 Reminder it is Irish Coffee Pattern from Baby Cocktails.

We have been making pizza on Saturdays. Last night we made Hawaiian pizza
with ham, pineapple and onions.  Yum. Both kids helped.

Tonight, Joe is doing a pork roast on the grill. I might have to alter this week's menu
since it sounds like tons of rain and outside gooding will not be fun!

Have a super week...I'm heading out for a quick walk before dinner.

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