Sunday, March 3, 2013

Moving along

Moving along on a few projects.

I am ready to kitchner toe of 2nd mystery sock:

Hopefully by next week I will have blocked and have nice pictures.
This is ultra alpaca yarn, and felt so so soft in my fingers. I think it is
too delicate for socks, so I will have to be very careful wearing them.

Finished up the first toe up sock for my friend Betty. I hope to
make her two pair for Christmas.

The leg is 10" tall.  The yarn did all of the work, great patterning.

I am starting a top down sweater - here is a picture of the yarn swatch.

Schulana Pacolana yarn.  I have the sweater barely started,but have a question
for the designer...I hope she gets back to me soon.

Making the Trail Jacket by Hannah Fettig

Ruth is also making a top down sweater:

Irish Coffee Pattern with mystery yarn her sister gave her:
I really like it a lot, don't you?

Martha is working on some socks, in yarn that Ruth gave her.
I love the colors, don't you???

Tiffany had a birthday since last post:

Real birthday:

 Family birthday

Check out these sunrise pictures from Feb 22nd....
Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning. We had quite
the snowstorm that night!

Woke up to 3" of snow again today, and it is snowing now.
We are all ready for some spring...

Have a fun week.

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martha said...

also on the heel of the sock, I have found that if you pick up the k2tog or psso, from the opposite side it makes a better look. Of course I can't tell you which decrease it is on. try it no on a sock and see if you can figure it out.