Sunday, October 6, 2013

If it's not broke...don't fix it..or something like that

So I finished up Betty's socks with the mock cable going up
both sides of the leg, and down the foot.

Unfortunately, I lost the tag.

Rhinebeck yarn
Size 1.5 needle
I really like them a lot. They are my friend, Betty's Christmas present.

Sooo. I started a pair of socks for mom, A touch of twist yarn, from
Hemlock Fiber Fest.

I'm doing the same pattern...I'm not sick of it, and my fingers are used
to it, and it looks "if its not broke....".
the yarn is absolutely lovely to work with, size 0 needle.
I started on a little bigger needle and it just did not look right. ugh!

Since last post, I finished up a cowl.

free pattern on Ravelry.  I used this yarn from Rhinebeck:
Its a really nice pattern.

 Even nicer since it was free.  I loved the yarn..a lot!

Ever since the Shallows infinity scarf, I've been wanting to make another.

This is yarn I got at Hemlock, that I thought looked like Christmas!
Hopefully it will quick.    Chevron Lace - Martha's favorite!
from Lace and Eyelets book

Ruth is working on some nice socks, in yarn totally different
from what she normally likes...I like it too...nice socks!

Pattern is mockery socks using Three Irish Girls merino in the Ainsley colorway.

Martha finished up some mitts, and is working on a nice sock.

She is actually up to the heel now on the socks. I really like how delicate they look.
I may have to get some of that  yarn.

The three of us are heading to Rhinebeck in two weeks. I'm so excited.
I have not seen Martha since last year (once in a grea while I get to see her
mid-year), and I never see enough of will be so fun to catch up.

In other news:
 Joe and his friend Dennis went fishing today - Lake Erie
buckets of fish...

 Probably 5 - 6 meals...yea...even Tiff was excited...

Last night we made pizza on the grill. Pepperoni/onion  and ham/pineapple/onion
 It was good, and fun to make.

This was our chicken dinner this week with fresh cornbread, corn, fresh
beans, potoatoes on the grill and chicken that Joe grilled to prefection .
it was soo good. Notice my homemade wine in the pic also. We have been
eating really good this week.  No wonder I can't lose weight. But it's all

Have a nice knitty week my dear blog friends...

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