Sunday, October 27, 2013

Post Rhinebeck

This weekend was kind of dull compared to the euphoria of
Rhinebeck. Ruth, Martha and I had a wonderful time.
The weather could not have been any better. Perfect fall days.
On Friday, we went to visit Eleanor Roosevelt's home.
Thank you, government, for opening up that day for us!!

I did not take any pictures at Rhinebeck, things
were too busy, and I guess I was just too darn excited.
The crowds were insane, making it hard to look at some
booths.  Clara Parks reported that there were 47,000
people there on Saturday...

Here are some highlights...none of us bought much this year.
We all bought yarn for a sweater.

Here is my stash. Bartlett yarn, for Mrs Garter sweater,
some Shelridge Farm yarn for socks, yak and
"farm yarn" for socks.

Ruth got some Bartlett yarn for a sweater, some Harrisville yarn for a vest,
and some super nice sock yarn.

Martha got some Bartlett yarn for a sweater and some fun crayon colored
The pics did not turn out the best - we were in our hotel room and the  lighting
was iffy.

My two tone purple baby sweater is blocking, then I have to
seam it, and then add some stuff.  ugh!  need it done for Nov 10th.

Started a new baby sweater that is due for the shower on
Nov 17th.  Seamless Braided Cable Baby Sweater - free
on Ravelry.

 Plymouth Select Worsted Merino Superwash yarn.

 Ruth is working on some nice projects:

 Circle mitts by Sybil R. Opel sock yarn. I think it is their 6 ply so its a little heavier. 
Aren't these totally fun!

Two photos of my next sweater. Anne Hanson's highlander pattern. I am using Persimmon Tree Farm that she bought at Hemlock a few years ago. Its a mohair and wool blend that is a wonderful combination and the dying is so beautiful. She was distracted by the mitts!!

 The colors are sooo pretty

In other news:
Peppers from the garden...we only got a few more than this
all year !
Trees in the back field...

Check out this tree in the si a maple tree..and it has not started
to turn yet.  We are going to be in trouble when it starts to turn/fall when
the snow flys.

This is my "new normal" now. Mickey sits on my while I knit.  Before
I sit down now I have to have everything I need close by because
I can't move.  Tuner, Nook, pattern, etc.

This morning he snuck outside when the boys were leaving. I know
he was out for a mimimum of 2 hours. Poor baby!
Here is the wine Joe is making this year. I'm not sure what the orange stuff
is....but the purple is Concord.

 Today I did some baking. Pumpkin muffins and potato dinner rolls.

 And the big news of the day...Joey got two deer with his bow this morning.
So exciting !

Till next week....when it will be November!

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