Sunday, November 3, 2013

Brrrr...Baby it's cold outside

must be sweater season!

I made pretty good progress this week on the two baby
sweaters, inspite of being busy at work. (which translates
to too tired to knit at night).
This is the two color cardigan.  Solid is Plyouth Select Worsted
WeightSuperwash.  Multi is Malabrigo superwash worsted.

Joe and Joey said they would have preferred a solid color, but
knitters will understand the need to branch out and do something
different.  My finishing work is not the best, I hope I can make it look
good enough to give away.

This is the Seamless Braided Cable.  I like it, but think it more size 3 than 2...
oh well...the baby will have something nice to wear in a couple of years...

Ruth finished up her circle cute!

and she is making great progress on her Anne Hanson sweater

the colors are sooo pretty.

Martha is making great progress on her sweater also.
Harriett pattern by Fiona Ellis with the Araucania Nature Wool, multi color. 

here is the back
There was a problem with the cables, and she tinked down to fix it,
somehow,  I am not talented enough to do that...

Here it is ... all fixed

She finished up her 1st Waving Lace pattern sock, and has
started the 2nd one. 

And finally, here is an eclectic hat she made her son, Tom this week.
Don't you love the color choices...I do!

She has been busy this week!

In other news..I'm cold.  LOL  back to finishing up the sweaters...
One shower is next Sunday...YIKES!


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