Sunday, November 24, 2013


Anatomy of my scarf - my own pattern:

Lace pattern is Chevron Rib from Lace & Eyelets book.
Multiple of 7+2 stitches.  I cast on 38 stitches

Started with a 4 row seed stitch border

then went right into the lace pattern, and then added an 8 row seed stitch

this will be an infinity scarf, so when the  two ends meet up (4 rows of
seed stitch x 2 ends = 8 rows) I want it to be  invisible in the pattern.

 Added sections of 4.5" stockinette in between the lace....its really long now.
Just finishing up the last of stockinette, then 4 rows of seed and ready to block.
Once its blocked, I will join the ends...

The baby cardi has been blocked, and now awaiting buttons:
Ruth is working away on her sweater:

coming along nicely!

Martha is working on the sleeves of her sweater...she is using up
3 strands of yarn and intermingling them.

They are 9.5" long, and have to be 18"....

In other news:
here is Joel's big buck from last week:

Here is Joey with my nephew Craig's deer from this week:

and most exciting...we celebrated dad's 80th birthday this week !

Have a nice Thanksgiving dear blog readers.....

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