Sunday, January 19, 2014


some socks for me!

Pattern: Business Casual
Yarn:  Squoosh Yarn - Merino, Cashmere blend
Size 1.5 needle

For some reason, I made the heels a bit different...not sure what I did.  UGh. fit nice
all the same.

I liked this pattern a lot, and will make a pair for someone for Christmas with it,
but not right now.

Started the Through The Loops Mystery Socks.  1st clue came out on

The green is a nice forest green, leftover from mom's Christmas socks.
Grey and green are both: A Touch of Twist -Alpaca Feet
So soft!  I'm actually working on the 2nd cuff. The picot edge takes a little
while to cast on. 

Ruth is letting her Highlander sweater rest for the time being. She is deciding if she wants
it to be a vest... I think it's sooo pretty!

 She is also working on Catawampus socks...
 Yarn is Ancient Arts in abalone color from Vancouver, CA.

Martha's sweater is almost done!  She just has to set the sleeves in...beautiful~~

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