Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sockin Along....

I continue to make progress on my socks this week, as does Ruth.

the Through the Loops Mystery sock is very nice so far.

My yarn is a little fuzzier than some so the pattern is
not as defined.  I know blocking will make is so
much better.

I like it a lot so far. I have just started the 2nd leg, and hope
to have done by the weekend. The heel clue comes out Tues or
Wed. I don't have much time to knit during the week.

During travel time, I have been able to knit a little on the
brainless sock.  Did a double stitch heel, and added some nylon
for strength. 

The pattern is K3, K1 TBL, for a little visual interest.

I think I will do a sweater next.....I'm dreaming of doing something
besides socks!  But its heavenly to finally have some more to wear.

Ruth is moving right along on her Catawampus Socks.

I love her pattern / yarn combo.

Martha finished up her Highlander sweater last week.
It is beautiful!  And check out the fit!

She has since started Cobblestone pattern by Jarod Flood.
Using up her Bartlett yarn.

The stripes on top of the sweater are the sleeves...

She is calling it Dr Suess-ish because of the colors, and hoping one of
her son's friends will like it.  It is so fun!
She is like a sweater machine this year.

Friday I worked 1/2 day at home and was able to see this beautiful
sunrise in the back field:

In the evening we were invited to a friend's house for dinner. Jim
is a great guy with lots of hobbies.One of his hobbies is restoring his
home back to what it would have looked like in the 1800's.  He has
done a great was beautiful, and authentic, and CLEAN!

He had a beautiful table set when we walked in.
I wish you could see those candleabras in person.

He did all of the stenciling in the house.  Room after room. So much

We started dinner with a nice salad that included shrimp, egg, and almonds,
and a fancy dressing.

The main course was pork with bourban and pecans. Wonderful.
Next time they are coming to our house....I better get cracking and get
the house cleaned up. 

Today I have made three batches of meatballs, sauce and did some
cleaning.  I think its time to knit before I have to work on dinner.

Happy knitting dear blog readers.....tis the season for sure!!

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