Sunday, February 16, 2014


Martha wins the blog of the week award!
She has really stepped up her use of color.

This is the Cobblestone Sweater pattern by Jarod Flood.
She used various yarns to pull it all together.
Isn't it great!!!

She also revamped an old project she did a while ago.
Her own pattern.
She made it double breasted...

I'm in awe that she figured out how to fix it!

Lovely colors !

I have finished up the first mystery sock, and am almost done with
the 2nd one.

Ruth has finished up her 1st one also, but she is really sick
this week so did not send a picture. Hers is really nice, and
has more structure than mine.

She is also working on the Wurm hat.
Hopefully pics next week.  Get better soon!!!

I did a lot of cleaning today, and made Joey some
orange cookies - his favorite!  He did a lot of shoveling for
me last week when Joe was in Florida - made sure a path
was cleared to my car every day.  Thanks, Joey!

Happy knitting dear blog readers.
Oh yes, I should mention, it snowed almost all weekend here again,
and is still snowing....ugh!

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