Sunday, February 23, 2014


Two...yes, two pairs of socks completed this week.

This color is most accurate.

Yarn: Selridge Farm, Soft  Touch
Needle:  Size 2
Pattern:  K3, K1 tbl
Heel:  Double stitch heel

I added some nylon thread to the heel for support.

Love Love Love this  heel, it fits sooo nicely.

These were the perfect brainless project, and relatively quick.
I am very thankful they are done.

Also finished up the Through The Loops Mystery socks.

I really liked this project, and the socks fit great.
I am very thankful these are done too.
(note those are freckles and not hair on my legs !!!!!!)

Believe it or not, I have no project going right now.  My weekend has
been sooo busy, I didn't have time to start something. I think I will at
least start something brainless tonight.

Two baby sweaters in the works. One from Ruth and one from Martha.

Ruth is working on Beyond Puerperium by Kelly Brooker. Yarn is Berroco Vintage. Acrylic/wool/nylon superwash. She started the sleeves today. She is really moving along quickly
with this cute sweater.

Martha is making a sweater for her husband's cousins baby boy. Made with hand me down yarn from her friend Ann, merino Maratona by Lane Borgosesia. Making Springtime Zbaby Cari, by Alpaca It is going very quickly. 

Makes me almost want to start a baby sweater....almost.

I think they are both totally adorable!

Have a wonderful week..supposed to be cold and snowy again..surprise!  NOT

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