Sunday, February 9, 2014


I added buttons to the Welted Fingerless gloves

They behave better on the hand...they look rolled in this pic

Joe said "how cute, they look like Garnishes"....LOLOLOL

I love wearing colorful.

I am working my way down the foot on the Through The Loops
mystery sock.  I have a few more rows to do, and then can start
on the 2nd one. 

 Lots of ladies are done with both already...they must have a lot more time than
I do to knit.

Worked just a tiny bit on the blue brainless sock. (aka Boring)  LOL

Ruth is done with the foot clue on her sock, and has started a sleeve for her
Highlander sweater...

Martha is moving right along on her fun sweater...

 both of their projects are so nice, don't you think?

In other news...

Joe went ice fishing this week and caught a  ton of fish...

took him all night to clean them

We had yet another snow storm event on Wednesday..we got over a foot of snow.
Abbey just loved it

Have a fun, warm week filled with lots of knitting....

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