Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fantastic Finish

Ruth finished up her Highlander Sweater this week.
It's amazing!  I saw it on Monday when it was 98% done.
this picture does not do it justice.

(Ruth: I'm sorry it came in upside down and I could not fix it)

The colors ad pattern are amazing. She did quite a few things in 
between getting this done as mentioned in the previous blog posts.

She is currently working on a pair of socks for her granddaughter.
 Cascade fixation yarn.  Love the colors.

I finished up the Endpaper Mitts this week.
I did one with sticks and one with circ needles.
Liked the flow of the circs much better.
They are not blocked yet - hope to get that done this week.

Also finished up the Tesserae socks.  I love these socks.
Fiber Optics Yarn - Foot Notes .
I did alter the pattern to make a ribbing top so they would
stay up.

They will be a Christmas present, though they fit me perfectly.  I can't
believe I'm giving them away.

Martha did not have any knitting to share this week.

Here it is Sunday night and I have NO knitting to work on.
I played around with a two color brioche pattern this afternoon,
perhaps to use up the yarn from the mitts. I think I might make
it just one color brioche, and use the multicolor yarn.  Also
swatching for a sweater.

 Raise your hand if you think swatching is boring !

Have a great week.

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