Sunday, April 6, 2014


After a HUGE snowstorm last week, Spring is here TODAY!

Since last update I am done with one Tesserae Sock, and have
a good start on the 2nd leg. 

I love this brainless, yet satisfying.

 The yarn can be hard to read, because of the colors.
Harder than black even.

I am almost done with the palm of the 2nd Endpaper Mitts
I tried best as I could to make them match, but it is not working
out perfect....not even near perfect.

I love them anyway.  Mickey has been laying on my lap nights so I cannot
work on these when that happens....LOL. Hope to finish up this week.

Martha is almost done with her Francie sock, made from Classic
Elite Alpaca. They are for her daughther's singing professor....
She said he's a very snazzy dresser, not afraid of color and design,
so she hopes he likes them.....I like the way the pattern
works with the yarn.

Ruth is almost done with her Highlander sweater. She has the sleeves done
and is working on the is soooo pretty.

She finished up her Through the Loops Mystery socks....I think
they turned out wonderful.  They are for her granddaughter.

Speaking of her granddaughter, check out this picture...she is a dancer.
I think she looks like a FairyGod....

Joe and I took a ride to the Holley  Falls today - since it
is so pretty out.  People come from miles around, all  year long
to see the falls. 

Happy  Spring !


martha said...

We are great knitters....

martha said...

Ok not sure how to leave comments, but we are great knitters.