Sunday, June 22, 2014


Sometimes, I think my knitting is crazy.
This week I got a burr up my butt to make a stole for the
two weddings we have this summer.  1st one is July 4th.
Found Captiva  yarn in white (it has cotton-ugh) but I
like the color and the summer weight.  Found the
oh, helen pattern on Ravelry - free - which is perfect
for the look I'm going for!

I would be a lot further if I hadn't of made dumb mistakes and had to
tink back 2x...ugh.

Worked on this just a little this week:
Ruth is making great progress on Through the Loops Mystery Shawl:
so pretty!!!

Obviously I didn't knit much this weekend. Here's why:
Joey/Joey worked on pool deck. It raised, so Joe had to cut boards
and fix it. Mystery to me how it turned out so well.

It's all put back together and level now..yea!
he still has to rebuild the stairs that fell apart...that is a job
for another day.

Flowers are sooo pretty!

Went boating in the afternoon, and for dinner afterwards.

On the way home we pulled the truck over to take a picture because
the sunset was so beautiful. This is my favorite. Joey taking pictures
of sunset:

Tiffany and the rest of the bridal party hosted a wedding
shower for  her friend Amber today. It turned out soooo nice.
Here she is in her dress:

Have a great week. Cross your fingers that I make good progress
on the stole this week!

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