Sunday, June 15, 2014


Experiments don't always work, right?
I made Mirima Felton's Footie Sock. Super quick knit. Started last
night and finished up today.  Used Elan Esprit yarn...cotton and elastic.
That was the problem. I thought I gave enough ease for the elastic, but nope.

Look how big it is. If I had used a wool blend, it would be perfect.
This is on my hand...I think I'll use as a dishcloth.  This yarn makes
the best dish/wash cloths.

Finished the Saki Bamboo socks. This yarn is really wonderfully soft.

I'm glad I used the solid color for heel and toe, for a more masculine

Martha finished up her shawl.  She used a lot more garter than
the pattern called for to use up the yarn.  It's soooo pretty!

Ruth finished up her socks this week, but she's away so I don't
have a picture.

I worked on this quite a bit.

In other news:
Martha got new porch furniture for  father's day. Not sure how that
works...LOL but it's nice.

Joe went fishing Saturday at Lake Erie and caught his limit.
Water/weather too rough for me.

till next week.........

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