Sunday, July 13, 2014

Don't Judge Me

but I made another Baby Surprise sweater.

Plymouth Yarn Select Superwash yarn, size 7 needles
Sleeve ribbing size 5 needles.
I love this yarn.  It's a little pricey, so I buy a few skeins here and
there when its on sale.  Someday, I will just buy a bunch and make a
sweater for me.

It's lovely for baby garments.

I think finishing this little sweater with ribbed sleeves and a collar
really makes it much nicer.

and, of course, cute buttons!

It blocked so nice.  And just so you're not surprised when
it happens again, I plan to make a boy version in the near
future. No babies in mind yet.  It's kind of brainless knitting at this

Finished up the first sock.  Lornas Laces' Solemate yarn from

This is toe up.  I could have made a little longer if my
calves weren't so gigundas!

I knit the Knits  through-the-back loop to really
make them pop.

I have a really small start on the 2nd one, but really love this pattern
Knit 2 rows, Seed stitch one row

Ruth finished up her crazy crazy sock.
Regia BLITZ yarn.

Martha finished up her Lichen and Moss socks.
(Ruth did same pattern a while ago).  Pale lavender yarn.
Toes are with some yarn we died 6 years ago at her house.

I really need to try this pattern.  Soon.  She is working on a cute summer
top - no pics to show yet.

The three of us are doing WendyKnits summer mystery shawl.
No progress as of yet to write about. 1st clue came out yesterday.

Rainy Sunday here in  Western New York. Not much else to say
about it.  Let's hope next week is warmer than predicted so the pool
stays warm.  Happy Knitting.

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