Sunday, July 20, 2014


Ruth and I have been busy all week working on Wendy Knits
Summer Mystery Shawl. Clue 2 came out yesterday.


I finished up Clue 1 on Friday, just in time.
This picture is 1/2 way thru Clue 2.

 I like the pattern a lot. I like the lace edging because its so few stitches (21),
and the body is not many more (42)

Since I am half way thru Clue 2, I am guesssing that the shawl is 1/2 way
done. I put it in the center of my back and it is only this big:

I have enough  yarn to knit a couple more repeats....
all in all I am really enjoying this!

Here is  Ruth's!  Isn't it lovely!

She is also working on a dishrag in between.
Flax yarn. Pattern is Lacey fun by Elizabeth Lovatt Young. Free on Ravelry.

Martha is working on her tee top.
This is Miley Tee by c2knits. The yarn is Queensland collection Dream
Looking great so far!

In other news:
Joe has mastered Rotissere cooking:

 Have a great week!

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