Sunday, December 21, 2014

Last Post of 2014

Well, this is the last post of 2014. No post next week as
Joe and I will be on Christmas Vacation.

I tried really hard.  I did. Epic FAIL.
Did not get the Bosc scarf done this week.
It's rather complex, and I even have to count on the purl back rows.
I worked on it all week, and if you look at last week's progress
I did a lot.  Just not enough.
I only did two repeats.  It probably would have looked better with
three or four. But
1.  I don't like really wide scarves
2.  I only had two skeins of yarm, about 420 yards total
Once it's blocked I think it will look really nice.  I need a good 8" more.
The recipient will understand, I'm sure.   I am so sick of it though.
I mean really really sick of it.  sigh....

Ruth is making great progress on her sweater.
The sweater pattern is Room to Grow by Veera Valimaki.
Free on Ravelry. Green yarn is Colinette Jitterbug. The blue yarn is
some leftover sock yarn that she thinks is Miss Babs.
She shortened the length a little as the pattern as written seemed to
long to her.

Martha finished up her britches!
This pattern is Go-Veralls from Ravelry.   She added a gusset
in the crotch. These were made with Ella Rae classic
superwash. It knitted up a very loose 4sts/1". She would knit this again at 4.5sts/1".
 She started a cute little bunting

in Martha's own words: 
I'm not putting sleeves in since baby arms are just on their
mouths and I expect this baby will be largely strolled
 since they live in the city. I will put in legs however.
 I'm making this out of Bazinga by Plymouth.
 It's 53% wool 47% acrylic. With all that acrylic
shouldn't it be washable? But the directions say no?
 It's very bulky so it's going quickly. 

In other news: 
A manager at work gave me 2 doz tulips this week.
It was a cold, dark, dreary week here so they were
definitely appreciated.

Merry  Christmas !  Have a safe wonderful, serene holiday.
Safe travels to my friend going overseas.

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