Sunday, December 7, 2014


If you remember from last post, I was in the middle of a cowl,
so I would not waste yarn.  I really like the way it turned out,
after surgery.  I remembered that I had done one a while ago
just plain stockinette.  I looked at it (which obviously I should
have done before I started, and it had k2 rows, p1 row, and
I honestly think that helped the curl.  so,  picked up stitches
all the way around the cast on edge, and purled a row.
I'm glad I purled, it made the wonkiness of pick up look normal,
knit 2 rows then bound off.  I think it matches the other end nicely.
Still a little curl, but that's normal.

Tiff modeled for me.  kinda cute, huh?  She also wore it with the fingerless
mitts, and decided they needed buttons.

I'll work on that this week.

Decided to make hats for my cousins kids.  They are 14 and so cute.
I think the Funicular pattern is perfect for them.  One will be gray
purple and one will be fushia purple.  I followed the directions and it
looked like it was going to be small. I added an inch of purple, as one
raveler suggested. Got it done and decided it was not big enough. There
was not "slouch". needed surgery.

I put a needle through a row below where I started the decreases.
Of course, I did not follow a straight line and ended up taking all
needles out and picking up the dangling stitches anyway.
It turned out pretty good I think.  I want to see it on Tiffany.
(this is unblocked). 

Blocking will make those wonky stitches even out.  Yarn is
my favorite Plymouth Select Worsted...
Those little stitch markers are telling me how many rows I knit
between short row finish and decrease start so I can do the same for
the 2nd hat.  Just starting ribbing on hat #2.

Here is Ruth's finished baby tunic and hat. ADORABLE.  

 new projects are Anne Hanson's Jazz Strings socks. The yarn is from Rhinebeck

The third project is a baby sweater called Snug by Hinke. she found it for free on Ravelry. Interesting construction. Yarn is Patons Classic wool worsted.

 Martha finished up her baby sweater. Aren't the buttons great?
the whole thing is wonderful.
In other news...Mickey is in Christmas position. Whenever I can't find
him, this is where he is:

This is the Christmas present I give myself every year...the sleigh filled with
greens. So pretty.
The fake tree is up and decorated
The real tree is might have to wait another day.
I made orange cookies today. Probably the only baking I will do this season.

They will be much better tomorrow.
Have a great week dear knitters.

and Martha: have fun at your new job tomorrow!  Can't wait to
hear about it.

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