Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy 2015 !!

Seems like its been a while...but I guess it has!
I managed to finish up the  Bosc scarf. 

 I really love the way it turned out. See previous post for details.

 Tiffany modeling. Swore she would never model again
if I showed her face.

 Mark loved his hat. He barely takes it off. WIN !!
 Joey wore his socks all day. (no picture). Previously said he would never
wear handmade socks. His mind is now changed.  WIN !!!!

The girls loved their hats.

They walk to/from school, so I hope the hats help them keep warm.

I finally (Wednesday) finished up Joe's first sock. I really struggled
with it.  I want to get the 2nd one done before January 14th. 

 Bamboo yarn.  The heel is a different color to help stretch the yarn.
My own purly/swirly pattern.

Why do I want it done before January 14th?  Because
Through the Loops Mystery Sock 2015 starts on the 15th.

Ruth and I are all signed up.

I was determined to knit something for ME while I have been
on vacation.   I started some little neck thing that was a total
FAIL.  And, I spent a good amount of time trying to make it work.

I then started the Dangling Coversations little shawlette. Started
it on Tuesday and finished up today.  I made a few mods.

Pattern calls for 6 sections, I only had 5 different color yarns.
So I increased each color by 10 or so rows.

Yarn is Wonderland Yarns, Cheshire Cat, mini skein 
gradient kit in grays.  
Purchased from The Loopy  Ewe.  One regret is having so
much yarn left over, but I didn't want the shawlette to turn
into an ackward shawl.

Pattern is super easy. Super!  And Fun !  I love how one color has subtle
shades of another color in it.

It needs blocking and the ends sewn in yet. 
I was determined to darn some socks while I was on vacation.
The lady on youtube made it look so easy.
I did about 7 socks. 

Some turned out better than others.

Some were awful

and I don't really care.  I  hate sewing. Of any kind.
Three or four more and i'm done, till the next hole pops
through. The thing that gets me, is that I ALWAYS wear slippers
with my socks.  I keep my heels nice, and most always use a
strengthining thread or yarn with nylon.  Oh well. It has
to be the way I walk.

Ruth is working on socks.  In her own words:
Here is my current sock. Anne Hanson's Jazz Strings sock pattern. Yarn is silk, yak, and merino from Heirlooms Scandinavian weave and knit. I bought it at the annual draft snow in Brantingham near our camp. The people also have a booth at Rhinebeck so they get around! The color is a little lighter than the photo shows.

The other photo is the sweater I have been working on piecing together. The first sleeve feels very narrow to me. I will not be able to wear a  tneck under the sweater. Is that really a problem, or am I just used to roomier sleeves? I am mulling over what I want to do with it. Pattern is Kittiwake by Amy Herzog from Knitty. Yarn is from Oak Meadow Alpaca Farm. An alpaca and Cosmo blend. Purchased at the Hemlock Fiber Feat.

 I got to fondle her sweater in person and it is stunning !

Martha is just back from Germany. She delivered all of her baby
items. She has been sick so no new knitting to show this week.

Here are a few pictures from Christmas.

 The trees are down, but I still burn the candles.

 Abbey's looks says it all...glad it's over till next year...

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