Sunday, November 30, 2014

Stops and Starts

I had a knitting week full of stops and starts.
I thought I would knit tons and tons this Holiday Week.
Nope!  Besides not really having a lot of knitting time,
it did not go well.  (insert sad face here).

I got to the heel of the stripey purly swirly sock.
Used the German  Short Row (double stitch) heel.
Now when you read the directions, it says to do it
2 or 3 times.  I never did it 3x so decided to try it.
Big mistake. Took my whole knitting time one day
to tink back.  Ready to head down the toe.

The two fingerless mitts are done.  I like them a lot.

I had a lot of the maroon yarn left over.  I hate leftover
yarn. Especially nice yarn. So I decided there was enough
for a plain cowl.  1st time cast on 130 stitches...too small.
2nd time cast on 150 stitches...too big.  Ripped AGAIN
and cast on 140 and now its just right. Size 2 needles, so
it took me a long time to knit 2 inches to find it was not right.
I think this time its nice.  Quite a curl going on there, don't you

Ruth finished up her adorable tunic for her great niece that will soon
be born in Germany. So stinkin cute !

Martha finished up her sweater for the same niece.  Adorable!
That is one lucky baby!

 Martha changed the design and added a collar. She is also
going to make a hat.

I have two hats that I would like to get done before Christmas, and the
stripey socks.  Maybe a hat for my brother. Ambitious, I know.  I probably
won't get that all done. 

We had a nice Thanksgiving. Now its time to decorate the tree. Have a great
week, and let's hope my knitting mojo  gets back to where it should be!

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