Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mystery Started

The 2015 Through The Loops Mystery sock has started!

The first clue is the cuff and 8 or so rows of the lacey pattern.
The pattern called for 1" of ribbing. I did 1.5 cause I have 
lots of yarn.  The yarn is "A Touch of Twist" purchased
at Rhinebeck.  This is the third year I have used this yarn
for Kristen's mystery sock. Kind of a tradition now.  It has 
a lot of alpaca, so a little fuzzy. I have to wear these myself
since they are so delicate.(Like its really hard to wear these myself,
they feel amazing on my feet, and my hands love knitting
with this soft yarn.  I went down a needle size from suggested in
pattern to 1" (rather than 1.5").
It is a little splitty  so not for the faint of heart.  :)
I picked a cinnamon color this year. I don't have any socks this
color, so why not!  I'm really loving it so far.

I worked hard to get Joe's sock done before this started, but
not hard enough. Still have a good amount of foot left to knit.
I was working on these yesterday and Joe said "who are those for?"
"I said you. I said they were going to be for Christmas this year, but
I think I will tuck them away for next year since you won't remember
by then anyway".  Oh and the colors. Not typical Joe colors.  They have
a lot of bamboo in them, which his feet love...and I did show him the
yarn before I bought it....

Ruth is working on the Ann Hanson sock for Ray. (tall blue one).
She is also working on the Through the Loops Mystery sock.
(short blue one in  Miss Babbs Yummy in the Tardish color way.)

The Miss Babs looks dreamy.

Martha, bless her soul, is still working on the beautiful baby
blanket.  As of this morning, she had 1.5 balls of yarn left.
She is excited to see how big it will be once it's blocked.
I bet it will be amazing.  I do not like to knit blankets...I did my
fair share when I was a beginner.  They take too long and I need
satisfaction.  This one is soooo nice.  She is anxious to make something
for herself soon!

In other news....
Probably no blog post next week.  I will be on a little medical leave.
Hopefully, I will have tons of knitting time and have a lot to
show you in two weeks.

Happy knitting dear blog readers.

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