Sunday, May 17, 2015

13 is Bigger than 6

 Last week I asked Mark to let me make a template of his foot.
I am making him a pair of socks. He is size 13. I am size 6.5
Look at the difference.

Using Hawthorne yarn from Knitpicks. I like it a lot.
Finished the first one today. I'm leaving that string on until
Christmas in case I have to take out and redo the foot.

That foot was a lot of  knitting for me
to do this week...can't believe I got it all done.  Especially since
I messed up the heel and had to do it over..twice!

The sock has right and left leaning cables every 4th row for
interest ( interest so I don't get bored).

Got Joey's socks blocked today. I waited until I reinforced the heels

Next  project...besides Mark's 2nd a sweater.
Rhinia pattern.
I don't like the neck -- I want a higher, rolled neck so I can wear
over another shirt or turtleneck. We'll see if I can figure this out.
Using Rhinebeck yarn--Brooks Farm from Lancaster, Texas.

Wool/Baby Alpaca/Silk blend.  I swatched and it came out
perfect on a size 7 needle.

I may wait a week to start it.....

Ruth is making a shawl...
Yarn is Fiber Optic Yarn Paintbox Gradient in the swamp muck colorway. The pattern in Anne Hanson's Hazeline. She said lots of charts, but not a hard knit.

I think it's awsome looking!

Martha has a couple things going..which is unusual for her.
She finished up her pink socks...
She started a Dangling conversations shawlette...
I think those colors will be fun!
She also started a baby sweater today. Shetland wool.
She is going to stripe it.

This was her progress around 11:30 today:

She is moving right along....I think it will be fun

In other random news:

Joe went fishing both Friday night and Saturday night...
here are pics from Friday:

He just loves his boat
I love these little blue flowers...but they really overtake
the bed....

The purple teardrops in hiding in there too
Joey got me this box for mothers's supposed to have three
bulbs, but I think it only has two. the  whole thing is su
pposed to fill with flowers, but i'm not sure how that will work with only two
bulbs?  Even if it had will it work?

I filled the wash lines today--getting a lot of winter things
ready to be put away.
Hard to believe its Memorial Day Weekend next week....
so far our spring has been very nice...

This was the view on my walk today....
that water is rushing out of the canal...
have a great week....

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