Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

What a nice weekend so far...little knitting on my part,
but nice!

A small start on 2nd size 13 sock....

 The Rhinia sweater is barely started.

 This is the true color.
I'm changing the sleeve pattern as I don't like the bulky
look of the one as written. Very slow start.

 Each row requires a lot of concentration....look how many
pages it takes to figure one row out!

The kids came over  yesterday so I had to have an additional
brainless something going. I started the Hermione's Everyday
socks in the yarn from Martha.

I'm making them toe up. And I messed up again...I started putting
pattern on bottom of sock..I hate when that happens!  Thank goodness
I realized before I got too far.

Martha finished the body of  her baby sweater....!!!
 I love the look of it...and she did all of the striping herself.

 She did some touring this weekend. This is Rockport Breakaway

 This is an old original barn...
Ilove this pic

Ruth finished up her beautiful shawl.  I saw it in person this week and
this pic does not do it justice. It is stunning...

 She finished her socks....

 This is her sock in the yarn from Martha...plain pattern.
The swatch is Lion  Brand yarn she is using for an  Amy Herzog sweater...

The fishing report for this week.
Limit of walleyes again:

Have a great week...

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